This wiki is for Mrs. McRae's 6th Grade Class.

We have followed courageous people and heroes through our reading this year. Who is the most courageous person in RED KAYAK? Who is the real hero? Make a graphic organizer to support your thesis. You will use this organizer in class to write a paragraph defending your choice of the most courageous person in RED KAYAK.

Write an epilogue to the book. Fast forward five (5) or ten (10) years and write about Brady's life, his family, his friends, his choices.

He works at the Chesapeake Bay and crabs, He has a crabbing boat that he named 'Ben', He is still friends with j.t. and Digger, but they don't talk about that summer.

Chapter 28
Healing takes place in many ways. The first sign that Brady and his dad were reconnecting was when they faced the truth together. What symbol of their healing do you learn from reading this chapter?
Brady and his dad decide to built a little boat together.

Chapter 26/Chapter 27
J.T.'s family was able to pay for an attorney; Digger's was not. Since justice is supposed to be 'blind', was each boy represented appropriately? Was the sentencing fair and equitably?
Both boys were sentenced to juvenile services for nine months, but if they don't improve their behavior, they'll be sentenced for years. We think that was fair. Both boys were guilty, but we think that Digger was more guilty because he drilled the hole. J.T. just watched. (Jordan thinks that J.T. shouldn't have been sent off.)

Chapter 25
Brady has earned $1,200 by working for Mrs. DeAngelo. He faces the dilemma of spending appropriately among two causes. Does he make the right choice? What would you have done?

I would have asked Mrs. Diangelos

Chapter 23/Chapter 24
Acting with integrity, Brady and his dad take the next step, which is not an easy one. Did they make the right decision?

Chapter 22
Brady and his father connect in this chapter about integrity. What does that word mean to you? How do Brady and his dad each act on their integrity?

I am integrity in golf

Chapter 20/Chapter 21
What decision did Brady reach on his trip? What does he do once he returns home?

he takes care of his dog and looks for the kiak.

Chapter 18
Emily Dickenson wrote a famous poem titled "I Like to Watch It Lap the Miles". Look up that poem and read it. What is the 'it' in the poem? Now make a connection the poem and Brady's journey to Providence.

it was a train.

Chapter 15
Panic set in and Brady hid the evidence. Did he do the right thing? What would you have done?

no I would have not thrown it.

Chapter 14
Why did Brady tell J.T. and not Digger?

Cause he thinks digger did it.

Chapter 13
What is a deja vu experience? Brady had one in this chapter. Recall a time when you had a deja vu experience.

In paris at the eye and DAllas airport.

Chapter 12
In return, Brady helps Mrs. DiAngelo construct a butterfly garden. What are the essentials for creating the perfect butterfly garden?

What else do you need in order to create a butterfly garden? What kinds of plants attract butterflies?

sunflowers and honey cup bushes.

Chapter 12
Mrs. DiAngelo gives something special to Brady that had belonged to Ben. What was it and how did Brady feel about accepting it?

They gave him his old hampster.

Chapter 11
How can you tell that Brady is depressed? Name at least two indications that he's troubled by the aftermath of Ben's death.

he was crying a lot and talking about it a lot.

Chapter 11
Brady recalls his visit to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Post a link to your favorite aquarium.
The baltomor aquariam
Chapter 11
One way to heal from a tragedy is to do something for someone else. What do Brady and his mom do for the DeAngelos?
They help them
December 16, 2011
Chapter 10
On page 66, Brady says that he wishes he were invisible. Why does he say that?
Have you ever wished to be invisible? Why?
Yes. He wishes he was invisable becuase he was keep on crying.
December 15, 2011
Chapter 9 - Symbolism
On page 57, Brady talks about butterfly gardens. How can a garden possibly help people heal?
healthy food

December 15, 2011
Chapter 9
Brady makes a connection between Ben's death and Amanda's. What is SIDS?
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. It means that a baby dies with no explanation. The cause of death can't be determined. Ben remembers how sad his family was and still is over Amanda's death. He doesn't want Ben's family to suffer like that, but he knows they will.

December 15, 2011
Chapter 9
Research Chesapeake Bay crabs and crabbing. Post two interesting facts: 1614 this guy siad the place was going to be full of rocketfish.
2. It is 200 miles of crabbing.

December 15, 2011
Chapter 9
Brady's grief causes him to behave irrationally. He is not the only one to suffer as a result of his behavior, though.
How does Brady's grief punish his family?

when he saw the kiak he was in greif.

December 14, 2011
Chapter 8
How does Brady deal with his grief over Ben's death?
What things does he imagine?

He rolls on with life and forgets about it.

December 13, 2011
Chapter 7
Why do you think that J.T. and Digger ignored Brady?
Why should he care?

Because they might think he is not cool anymore.

December 12, 2011
Chapter 6, page 43 contains this quote: "I'd rather be dead than brain damaged."
Do you agree or disagree? Support your answer.

I do not agree because you would still be living if you where brain damaged.

December 9, 2011
CPR is an important skill. Where in Winston-Salem can you get certified?
How old do you need to be?
You may need to make a call to find answers to these two questions.

You can go to the red cross and you have to be 16.

December 8, 2011What role did Carl play in Brady's life? Who is YOUR Carl, and how has that person impacted your life?
(Also check out this link to discover some interesting facts about the history of the Chesapeake Bay:

my Carl is my uncle because he does all of the stuff that I like except for sports and he even works at an computer tree store which I got my iPad 2 at.

December 7, 2011
Chapter 3 foreshadows a tragedy by catching us up on the importance of Ben and Brady in each other's lives. Predict what will happen next.
The diangelos kid is in the red kiak and the mom and they are headed down stream
The red kiak i think is going to get stuck and they will have to find him.

December 6, 2011
Have you ever covered for a friend? Under what circumstances do you think that kind of loyalty is okay?
When my friend dared me to do something I got hurt. His mom got mad at him and said, " I told you to not dare eny one to do somthing dangos." I said," He didn't dare me. I just did it for fun." The dangerous fun thing I did was duck tape a skateboard to the bottom of a sled, going down a hill, and jumping three recycling bins. I've done it again because it was a lot of fun! I think it's okay to cover for someone when the event isn't that bad. I always cover for friends.

December 5, 2011
Chapter 1 is told in flashback. Now that you've read the first chapter, what do you wonder about?
I wonder what happened.

December 5
If you saw something happen that you needed to tell, but would betray a friend by telling, what would you do?
If I saw something happen that I knew was wrong, I would tell but I would tell my mom to keep quiet about it.